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  1. Maintenance and Service
    Hi! I'm in the process of changing out my starter. Apparently, a TON of people have been in this position. The problem I'm having is getting to the bottom bolt of the intake manifold. I'm sure a few of you have had encounters with this issue. Any tips on how to get to the darned thing? I just...
  2. Maintenance and Service
    Hey All - First time to post something so try to be nice.... I have a 2003 AWD 5MT Element, the starter failed this weekend (on a vacation road trip, of course:x). I replaced the starter (more detail below). After replacing the starter, the idle is rough ( low / high alternating). The OBD...
  3. Under The Hood / Performance
    I am in Mexico and I have been reading up on the rbb swaps EOC members have done and I wanted to perform the swap. Problem is I am in Mexico and the TSX has only been sold here since 2009 so the dealership can't get me the 06-08 parts. THe next problem is the element is not even sold here so I...
1-3 of 3 Results