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  1. P0325 CEL After installing SRI

    Problems & Issues
    So basically I've done a bit of a DIY somewhat ghetto intake recently, where I got a Spectre filter from AutoZone and fitted it over the stock rubber intake tube with a metal pipe inside of it to keep it sturdy and give me something to tighten down on. I know this doesn't give any performance...
  2. HPS Short Ram Intake

    Under The Hood / Performance
    I can't get over the quality of everything that came in the kit. The mounting option for this was much better then any other intakes available too.
  3. DIY - Cold Air Intake Under 60$ - Image Heavy

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I wanted to do a CAI system but didn't want to spend a fortune. I went to retail me not got a coupon and went to autozone to see what they had. I knew i wanted to go custom but didnt want to spend 250$. Autozone had almost everything i needed, i just had to imagine. Air Filter Cone shaped -...
  4. K&N Short Ram Intake K and N Typhoon

    Under The Hood / Performance
    So as my E approaches 100k miles I still love it, I've had it since brand new and have never grown tired of it. I needed a new exhaust recently so decided to go with the Injen to spice things up a bit. It really changes the personality of my Element, gives it a little kick and yes it is louder...
  5. Injen Intake

    Under The Hood / Performance
    I currently live in California and I was wondering if the Injen Cold Air intake is carb legal in Cali and what I need to make it such so when I go to get smogged in a couple months I dont have to re-install the factory one. I plan on purchasing it soon. Also will the set up fit if i have...
  6. Intake, Exhaust, Manifold?

    Under The Hood / Performance
    After reading through the forum trying to find my answer I figured I'd just ask. My situation is this I drive the E 2 hrs each day through fairly hilly terrain (paved) and it severely struggles to hold around 70. My guess is that I need more torque, but I'm no expert. Which direction should I...
  7. $65 DIY Cold Air Intake - CAI

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    $65 DIY SRI/CAI Intake setup So I decided to give making my own CAI system a go, and I am fairly pleased with the results. Apologies for the lack of photos from the early part of the process... didn't have the phone with me at the time. Also, if anyone sees anything I've done that I shouldn't...
  8. I to make my element faster

    Under The Hood / Performance
    i owned a bmw m3 and had it chipped and intake added it helpled a lot. can anyone direct me to some good engine mods..... and anyone in phoenix area know a good honda mechanic
  9. Quick- Hondata intake manifold gasket - Worth it? Yes/no?

    Under The Hood / Performance
    I've got the intake manifold and all it's attached buddies off of my E in order to do a starter replacement. I've got a motorcycle to get around and could feasibly let the E sit in the garage a few days while waiting for a hondata gasket to get here... ...if it's actually worth it... If not...
  10. Interest?: Stock-looking scoop/snorkel for the E.

    Under The Hood / Performance
    This is another long explanatory post, but if you're interested in a slick-looking scoop or snorkel without permanently modding your hood or fender, stick it out and read on: When I was producing the CAD models for the control panels of my new camper setup, I realized that I could have some...
  11. AFE Cold Air Intake

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Well, pretty excited over here on this end, i've been trying to decide on an intake for my E for quite some time now. Yesterday i came across an intake made by AFE (Advanced Flow Engineering, Inc). Bold, aggressive performance In a simple package. This intake system replaces the entire stock...
  12. Ram Air Intake

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Hey EOC, I have an Mazda MX6 right now and I made a GHETTO ram air intake. I posted the vide to Youtube check it out. I am sure there is enough room in the E to do a similar setup and make it look nicer than I did. lol Let me know what you think...
  13. FS: Intake/Exhaust/Wheels/Tires/Springs/Mats

    Trading Post
    Hi folks - Lots of cool stuff for sale from our Element SC. PICS WILL BE UP SOON. Our SC is less than 6 months old, and most parts are even newer! Adult owned and gently used - all in like new or better condition. Any parts can be picked up for FREE in or near Columbus, OH. 1. Injen SES...
  14. RBB intake manifold questions

    Under The Hood / Performance
    I am considering installing the RBB IM (2005 TSX IM). I have read all the related posts and was wondering if anyone could elaborate on the modifications required to use on the E. I think the RBB is the one for me (over the RBC) because I like my low-end torque and have an automatic...