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  1. Interior
    Hello! I'm new to the Element community and was hoping I could have some insight from some more experienced owners. I have a 2005 Honda Element LX with the manual transmission and after having drove it for 30,000 miles I couldn't be happier. Except, I would really like an armrest! I have seen...
  2. 'E'ccessories
    After 11 years my 2009 All-weather front floor mat is overdue to be retired. Kind of a testament to how they were a good investment when I bought the car since they have held out for so long. We're about to head into the rainy season. Any leads on where to get a replacement? One piece OEM...
  3. Interior
    A new mod to the beast! I added some LED GLOW interior lighting... hooked it up so that the lights dance to the music. Its super bitchen highly recommend
  4. Interior
    can anyone direct me to source for replacing the interior tailgate hinge cover flap thingy and also the 'mat' that is sort of like a tray that sits over the spare wheel well cover? 2008 LX getting ready to sell and want to fix this well used part of my cargo space. Thanks
  5. Interior
    Id like to buy one the center consoles ( for my 08 LX) discussed in several threads but am leery of placing an order because the website looks neglected and offers no way to contact the company. Has anyone ordered from them recently? Or is there another source for similar consoles? Any help...
  6. Interior
    New Element owner here looking for something that will protect the cargo area and backseat area (basically everything behind the front seats). Ideally I'm looking for something fairly hard, kind of like the vinyl mat one might use to protect carpet from a rolling desk chair. I load stuff in...
1-6 of 7 Results