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  1. Driver's seat armrest

    Trading Post
    I just bought a driver's armrest/storage compartment off Ebay and have the original driver's armrest. Anyone interested in it? My E is an '08 EX 4WD in TRP. The armrest is black. I have all of the hardware. Let me know. Email address is [email protected]
  2. custom color

    Has anyone done a different color in their interior? the only one in my city that think an element is actually amazing and i redid my interior... just wondering if anyone else did that.
  3. Some Cheap Interior Tools

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    We are recent (mid February) owners of a slightly used 2007 LX 4WD 5spd MANUAL in Blue. Hard to find 4WD and Manual...Finally, Very Happy.... Just completed first MOD (SideLights/Blinkers) MANY THANKS to & Sheniferous for making it...
  4. Only three sets of bungee loops???

    Why does my driver's seat back have only three pairs of loops (not counting those loops along the bottom) through which to weave the bungee cord, when the rear seat has (and instructions leaflet shows) four pair of loops? What up with that? Did I get a defective seat?
  5. Map Light Filters

    Ok, so I have a 2005 E with the EX package with a manual transmission. I'm in the process of putting larger tires and a roof rack and other off road type accessories and one thing that occurred to me was that when I use the map lights at night I completely obliterate my night vision. I was...
  6. Dash lights out (various causes)

    Problems & Issues
    :confused: My 2005 has just 3,300 miles on it and the dashboard lights went out today. I checked some of the fuses but they seem to be okay. I don't have the patience to check them all and the mosquitos are swarming outside. Does anybody know exactly which fuse (#, engne compartment fuse...
  7. Instrument / gauge cluster: bulb replacement / color change / LED conversion

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I was wondering if there's an easy way to change the color of the light bulbs that illuminate the instrument cluster. After removing the cluster, I see a ton of small bulbs that are in removable "Toshiba V2" housings (or something like that). Is there a simple way to make these say, blue? Or...