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  1. Using HON / M-LINK1 DMX V.1 with non-iphone?

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hey everyone! So this is my first time posting in EOC (brand new E owner) and I could really use some help. I am completely new to doing car things myself/not tech savvy and am just confusing myself trying to figure stuff out. I apologize if I'm asking obvious/dumb questions! My original goal...
  2. iPhone Dash Cam

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey everyone! Just wanted to share with you guys my dash cam setup. I've seen some crazy drivers on the autobahn here in Germany and decided to get a dashcam. It's legal to have a dash cam as long as it is not blocking your view. I did some researching online for some purpose built dash cams /...
  3. Magnetic Suspension Iphone Mount

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post, but i've been scouring the site for a while now and have truly enjoyed your mods, comments, recommendations, etc. So thank you! Figured i'd post this simple mod as I haven't seen it done anywhere and it's worked great for me. I love the iphone, but hate...
  4. after-market alarm syncing?

    Ask The Dealer
    So sometime early this morning my 2004 Element EX was broken into, passenger window shattered, minor items stolen. Car was definitely locked so I am sure the alarm went off, but it was no deterrent at all to the perp. The car was parked up the block from me so I wasn't woken up by the alarm. So...
  5. FS: 1st gen 8gb iPhone

    Trading Post
    I have 2 1st gen iPhones that me and Mrs. Yoda have been using as ipods. Times are a little tight right now, and i know that i can get 150 for them on eBay, but i figured i'd let the E'ple have first stab it them if anyone wanted to get one and not be in a contract, or for one of your kids to...
  6. iPhone + New Stereo?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey folks, My Factory stereo is finally dieing on me. I am looking for advice on a replacement head unit.. I am still using stock speakers and sub. My main concern is my Aux port or a head unit with one built in.. I also want to integrate my iPhone into the mess, I already use a blue-ant for...
  7. iPhone integration + Dash mount: best place to run cable?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey all, long time lurker, first-time poster. I searched and searched, but couldn't find any threads on this subject. I have a PanaVise bracket and a Proclip mount with Dock connector passthrough. I plan on purchasing either the Peripheral PXAMG or the USA-Spec PA15-HON2 to integrate my iPhone...
  8. 09' ex w. Nav. (Bluetooth/iPhone compatible?)

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello everyone, this is my first posting as a new Element owner. I have desired one for years and am so happy to finally own one! I love everything about my E, even though it isn't the color I wanted! (royal blue ) I really wanted an omni blue but couldn't beat the deal I was offered for the...
  9. iPod/MP3 Interface and iPhone 3G power

    Mobile Electronics
    I'm wondering if the interface powers the newer iPhones and iPods with the power supplied to the USB pins on the iPod connector?