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  1. Help me choose a seven inch, double DIN, touch screen, multimedia unit.

    Mobile Electronics
    This is the first car that I've actually owned, completely paid for and in excellent condition, so now I want to start adding to it and making changes--all installed by professionals. For the most part I'm not talking about anything that isn't a Honda part, to be installed by Honda, such as a...
  2. Strange AUX input problem??

    Problems & Issues
    Just got a used 2005 EX-AWD. I've found that I can plug my iPod into the AUX jack and it plays fine however when I switch to FM then try to switch back to AUX the button does nothing. The only way to get the iPod to play again is to unplug the connection and plug in again. It seems like the...
  3. FS: 1st gen 8gb iPhone

    Trading Post
    I have 2 1st gen iPhones that me and Mrs. Yoda have been using as ipods. Times are a little tight right now, and i know that i can get 150 for them on eBay, but i figured i'd let the E'ple have first stab it them if anyone wanted to get one and not be in a contract, or for one of your kids to...
  4. SC Console - Hidden storage spot

    I installed a SC console in my EX-P last week, and installed a new stereo this week. One of my challenges was finding a hidden, yet convenient spot to hide my iPod, which I typically leave in the E 99% of the time. When I installed the SC console I noticed that the cupholder assembly is not as...
  5. Trouble with LX Factory Radio!

    Mobile Electronics
    Every time I think about attacking NO iPod (or MP3) player plug for he LXs, I S C R E A M !....I look at ALL the listing here....and...think I should just buy a cheap radio with RCA plugs in back (no CD, and they're really cheap)...No PIE-HON-Other-What-ever adapters, which are expensive.:mad...
  6. AUX input stopped working, dim dislay, can't switch to aux mode

    Problems & Issues
    My aux input seems to have stopped working. Yesterday I plugged a new ipod into the aux jack and the stereo automatically switched to aux mode and started playing music no problem. Today when I insert the cable into the jack the display dims and nothing else happens. It doesn't make any...