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  1. Trading Post
    Sony WX-7700MDX made for the JDM market. Front cover opens up - operation is smooth. Double Din size. Was installed in a Honda Element in 2003 - includes wiring adapter for Honda connector (also has several RCA outputs). This is plug in for Elements without the subwoofer. If you have a...
  2. Trading Post
    I am selling a pair of stock, OEM Element headlights with jet black bezels and the amber reflectors removed. All tabs are in tact with absolutely no leaks or condensation. Clean and scratch-free. Asking $175 (which includes shipping) anywhere in the USA.
  3. Problems & Issues
    05 Honda Element with 180k miles I am replacing out my engine (car overheated, have water in cylinders). I am getting a JDM engine from and engine shop that they claim has less than 50k miles on it with 60 day warranty. Engine cost is $600 dollars. I found a local mechanic that can change out...
  4. Trading Post
    As title states; 2010 Honda Element SC. Last production year for the SC, and assumed rarest model Element? (no information available to me to prove or disprove that yet). FWD- Rated 20mpg City - 25mpg Highway I consistently get about 22-23mpg. Despite any "mods" listed, This car is extremely...
  5. Exterior
    Hi All. This forum was a great help to me a few years back when I imported my 05 US Element to the UK, now (after several years of confusing the British public & Honda dealerships with a very unusual car) I've got a few more questions I hope you can help with. My questions are about a set of...
  6. Trading Post
    I purchased a JDM drivers door handle so I could do the passenger-side door lock mod, but I bought the wrong color. D'oh! This is part# 72125-SCV-J01ZB, "CASE R FR IN*NH361L*". It's grey. The package is not sealed anymore (I realized my mistake only after opening it), but the handle has not...
  7. Exterior
    So I decided to remove the amber reflectors from my 08 SC. Checked with the transportation safety act to ensure it's all kosher.. [paraphrased quote] " long as front turn signals or marker lights are white or amber, you're golden. Likewise for the rear being amber or red..." Check. I...
  8. Interior
    Where do you all find those JDM parts? I'm looking for the shift panel that has the two holes in it... one for the Hazards and another for a cigarette lighter. Wanna do a mod for floor lights and thought that would be a great place to put the button.
1-8 of 8 Results