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  1. A different driver side door lock problem

    Maintenance and Service
    I have a 2003 avocado green EX with keyless entry. When I click the key fob all doors lock and unlock except the driver door. Key does not turn in the driver door. I can hear the lock trying to lock/unlock when key fob is clicked. There is a sound. So it seems the actuator is working but...
  2. Using a "Key with Alarm / Door Lock" for 2003 Element?

    Hello. So I have a 2003 Honda element. Which I love by the way! And I've noticed that some Honda owners have a key with the alarm door lock controls built into it. My element has a keyfob for the alarm & such. And the actual door lock / ignition key is separate. For the convenience of caring...
  3. Reprogramming keyfob issues

    Problems & Issues
    OK, I've got the instructions on how to reprogram the keyless entry. My bro gave me an old key to his Pilot since my Element only came with 1 key and my wife and I are always paranoid only having 1 key. I know we aren't going to be able to get the Pilot key to work for entry and ignition but...