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  1. DIY master key?

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I just purchased a used 05 Element, which has only the valet key. I've seen push-button key fobs on Amazon, which they claim can be DIY programmed. I asked my dealer for the code and I thought they were reaching for hand cuffs. Any suggestions how to get my car's key code to DIY my own...
  2. 03 Element Key stuck ignition but starts runs fine

    Problems & Issues
    I have read all through the many posts on key issues. I cannot find one with my exact problem. The key is stuck in ignition but my E starts and runs great. I have tried all of the suggested methods to get the key out. What am I up against? I have replaced my door lock so I am not inept by any...
  3. '05 cranks but will not start. Not the instrument cluster

    Problems & Issues
    I've read all the immobilizer posts but everyone's symptoms seem to vary enough for me to not be able to extract a solid diagnosis. Here is my issue: 2005 with 200k miles on it. Intermittently (once or twice a day) the engine will crank but the car won't start. Flashing green key symbol when...
  4. Key Moving from ON to ACCESSORY with Little Force

    Problems & Issues
    I was pulling into my driveway the other day and ever so gently bumped or snagged on the ignition key while turning the wheel, my E went from up and running to all systems down in a flash. It took me a moment to realize what had happened, but turns out the ignition key was flicked backward from...
  5. Key won't turn

    Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    Hey, new Element owner here. Just bought it, 121,204 miles. Drove it off the lot, home, to work and class a few times, today it decided the key wouldn't turn. It works just fine in the door, the remote works, but the key will not turn in the ignition. What should I do???
  6. Using a "Key with Alarm / Door Lock" for 2003 Element?

    Hello. So I have a 2003 Honda element. Which I love by the way! And I've noticed that some Honda owners have a key with the alarm door lock controls built into it. My element has a keyfob for the alarm & such. And the actual door lock / ignition key is separate. For the convenience of caring...
  7. Key Won't Turn in Ignition

    Problems & Issues
    My 2003 Honda Element is currently in a parking garage ($$$!) and the key will not turn in the ignition. I have: tried all three keys (2 black, 1 grey) turned the steering wheel lubricated the lock pressed brake pedal before trying to turn key can not shift to neutral; it's also inoperable...
  8. 03 steering wheel locked up and key won't turn

    Maintenance and Service
    since Friday, I have not been able to turn my ignition key or unlock the steering wheel. i have already- used graphite lubes and sprays canned air to try and clean out dirt tried every push and pull on the steering wheel to unlock it put it in neutral and rocked it back and forth while trying...
  9. Sorry, another keyless entry question from a noob

    Problems & Issues
    OK, so I just replaced my 1990 Olds Silhouette with a sporty (in comparison) 2004 E - I'm very excited of course. Now coming from a '90 to an '04 I've also got to come to grips with some of the tech bells and whistles. My main issue right now is the whole keyless entry stuff. Is there any...