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  1. Using a "Key with Alarm / Door Lock" for 2003 Element?

    Hello. So I have a 2003 Honda element. Which I love by the way! And I've noticed that some Honda owners have a key with the alarm door lock controls built into it. My element has a keyfob for the alarm & such. And the actual door lock / ignition key is separate. For the convenience of caring...
  2. how to reach the drivers door attenuator?

    Hi! I just bought a 2003 AWD EX, I guess the only sunset orange pearl in Holland, but there are some things to change..... the remote control does not function on the drivers door any more, and besides that this door has another lock, i.c. another key ( I guess that somewhere in the past...
  3. Keyless Remote Unlock All on One Click

    Mobile Electronics
    It has been years since I posted here. We have a 2003 Element LX and have decided to keep it rather than trade it in to buy a 2010 Insight which we have had on lease. We did not enjoy the Insight but we did enjoy unlocking ALL the doors and hatchback with one button press. With the Element, we...
  4. all in one keys that work with the e

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    at the request of another user i started this fo people to see what others are using that works with that year vehicle they have. please dont post questions in this thread. this is just for those that have a key working to provide info for those that wonder about their year and what has...
  5. Just Purchased Pre-Owned E, Keyless Entry?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I just purchased a 2006 EX-P via a Car Broker from a Honda Dealership. It arrived without a keyless entry remote. I don't know if it was lost or what. My car broker told me we could get an alarm installed cheaper than it would cost to get a keyless remote from a...