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  1. Trading Post
    I have a Kicker CVT65 Subwoofer in a OEM Honda Element Enclosure. I had big plans for this sub, but just never ended up following up with it, lol. I guess you can say I had the bug, then it went away - so its been sitting here since. It's already to go too! you can follow the link below and...
  2. Mobile Electronics
    Hi Folks, Like "Built B16A", I decided that I wanted to replace my factory EX subwoofer. I know there are many treads/posts on here that are similar, but i thought i would share as well. This is what i have thus far... I used nut and bolts to ensure that the sub wouldnt vibrate loose and used...
  3. Mobile Electronics
    Kicker ComptVT 6.5 just ordered - very excited. it was only $64 on ebay as a "buy it now" - free shipping!!
1-3 of 3 Results