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  1. Back left seat won't latch properly

    Problems & Issues
    For Info: 2007 EX Sorry if this has been posted, however I searched and can't find anything. My back left seat will not latch properly to the floor. The problem is that the mechanism itself is overextended and does not align properly with the hooks on the floor. I have to guide the latch into...
  2. 04 e hood release knob

    Problems & Issues
    The interior plastic hood release knob snapped off. Anyone know if I can replace just that piece?? ... or is this an entire cable assembly deal? I wouldn't mind that so much, but it looks like I need to pull off the whole driver side fender to pull out the old cable. Not having much luck with...
  3. Interior release for rear hatch: electrical and mechanical methods

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I just want to say that this site has helped me do so many things to my E. I have a question. I had on one of my old cars a solenoid hooked up to my rear hatch and my remote so I could just hit a button and the rear hatch would unlock and pop the hatch open enough to just open it without using...