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  1. Rack and Pinion replacement

    Problems & Issues
    Does anyone have a few photos of a Honda Element with a leaking rack and pinion that they can share? I have been told that my 2003 EX with 150k miles needs a replacement. Doesn't seem far fetched, but when I look under my car I don't see a leak. But maybe if I saw an actual Element photo and...
  2. water leak in rear & engine compartment

    Problems & Issues
    today when I went to the 3 minute car wash and when I got out of the car wash, steam was coming from the front of the car....when I opened the hood, water on battery, fuse box, shocks, engine, started fine though. The other place it leaked was in the back right portion where the bottom part of...
  3. overheating/ unknown coolant leak

    Problems & Issues
    ok so i have an 03 ex and hit a deer about 3 years ago and had the rad replaced but then last fall noticed car started to overheat turns out the fan switch was done for found that out just by jumping the wires but then more recently ive noticed that my coolant is always getting low ive just been...