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license plate

  1. Replace License Plate Bulb 2010 2011

    Maintenance and Service
    The newer E's have a different bulb/lamp holder. You will need to remove the tailgate door panel to access the lamp holder. 1. Removing panel 1a. -with tailgate up pry/pull off the tailgate release knob. Then remove the phillips screw under the knob. This is the only screw you will need to...
  2. Move Rear License Plate

    Hello Has anyone ever moved their rear license plate? Why? Well in my case I am wanting to use a spare tire carrier which would block the seeing of my plate. So how do I wire a light to the new location. I have searched several forums ( Exterior, Hitch, trailers ) perhaps wrong search...
  3. License plate bolts

    Problems & Issues
    Thought I had an easy task ahead of me today - take the broken license plate cover off, and put the new registration sticker on. Left side bolt came off easily enough. Right side, I thought to myself, hmm, this one is really sticking *SNAP*. Dagnabbit, broke the bolt off, about half-way...