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    This is a work in progress on my 3rd E. 2” lift, 1” engine & subframe drop, all new bushings and suspension components, 23” light bar, diamond skid plate, Hella spot lights and projector headlights. Into it for about 2K including purchase price of vehicle ($400). 235 70r16 A/T’s to come + roof...
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    Hey guys! This is my first post on this forum. Just picked up my 04 EX about a week ago and already got some fat boi wheels and tires and today I put together this DIY roof rack!! Used some slotted angle iron and 4” right angle brackets. Drilled holes in the brackets to mount to the existing...
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    3"x2' lift kit, with new firm motor mounts and HRG Subframe lowering kit. Stock wheels powder coated satin black. BFG all-terrain tires.