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  1. Front lights LED for 2011. Anyone tried H4 LED Fanless Headlight/Fog Light Conversion Kit ?

    Hi all.. I looked and looked but got exhausted looking so I'll just ask. Anyone tried these? Do you think its a good price .. or what are ppl using these days for vendor?
  2. Minor electrical problems with dash and dome light after DIY radio install

    Problems & Issues
    Hello All! I recently installed a Pioneer DA120 in my 2008 Element LX. I soldered together an aftermarket wiring harness and did all the work myself. I routed a mic, gps antenna, HDMI, AUX and two USB cables under the dash. After reconnecting and snapping everything back together I noticed...
  3. Need Help With Dash Lighting!!

    Problems & Issues
    I've recently been messing with my dash in my 2005 ex and getting underneath it to install a radio and possibly put in new led lights. The radio was a success but after I started messing with some of the lights, I found that my dash lighting stopped working. The only things that still work are...
  4. Hey all! Paintknight here!

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hey Everyone! I'm new here and just wanted to say hello. I just got a 2005 EX and the creative part of my brain has been working and i had an idea i wanted to throw it at you all, to see if you might be able to help me come up with a cool solution. What I was thinking is some kind of recessed...
  5. Move Rear License Plate

    Hello Has anyone ever moved their rear license plate? Why? Well in my case I am wanting to use a spare tire carrier which would block the seeing of my plate. So how do I wire a light to the new location. I have searched several forums ( Exterior, Hitch, trailers ) perhaps wrong search...
  6. HID kits

    I know this topic has been discussed heavily here but im a newbie to the HID world and would like some clarification. First, are projector lenses required for an HID conversion? Second, I'm looking for a conversion that will give me the brightest, whitest, and widest dispersion of light...
  7. Has anyone tried....?

    Hey there, I found a good deal on some KC Hilites Daylighters and I was looking for a way to attach them to the E. I had looked previously at the Brock Bar made by one of the members, but I feel like it places the lights in a rather vulnerable location. I was thinking about trying to put them...
  8. Which Bulbs?

    I posted a question earlier as to whether or not i could change my dome lights to red and recieved very good answers, the other question i have now is that i want to replace the map lights (the forward angled lights that you touch on and off). My dealership didnt have a lot of information...
  9. Map Light Filters

    Ok, so I have a 2005 E with the EX package with a manual transmission. I'm in the process of putting larger tires and a roof rack and other off road type accessories and one thing that occurred to me was that when I use the map lights at night I completely obliterate my night vision. I was...