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  1. Honda Element Light Bulb Size Guide

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    2003–2011 Honda Element Bulb Size Guide ​ High beam & low beam headlight: 2003–2006 & 2009–2011 & 2007–2008 submodel LX & EX: 9003 2007–2008 submodel SC: 9005 / 9005LL (also as DRL: Daytime Running light) Low beam headlight: 2007–2008 submodel SC: H11 / H11LL; the vehicle with HID headlamp: D4S...
  2. Instrument Cluster Rebuild Success

    Problems & Issues
    I have already documented this here ( but I realized the information is a bit buried so I thought I would create a new post for my experience getting my instrument cluster repaired. Many have had the same...
  3. 06 element gear shifter light bulb

    Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    Hi I just got a 2006 Honda Element ex-p ( automatic) and I'm trying to fix it up.. I need to replace some of the light bulbs myself, but I don't know the model number for the gear shifter light bulb (P R N D 2) indicator .. I also have to change the hazard button light and the light for that...
  4. Need Help With Dash Lighting!!

    Problems & Issues
    I've recently been messing with my dash in my 2005 ex and getting underneath it to install a radio and possibly put in new led lights. The radio was a success but after I started messing with some of the lights, I found that my dash lighting stopped working. The only things that still work are...
  5. Dashboard Lights don't work when it's cold

    Problems & Issues
    I sometimes have a problem with the dashboard lights in my Element when it's cold outside. When I turn on the headlights, the dashboard remains dark but the needles on the speedometer and tachometer illuminate. After I drive for a long time, the dashboard lights will sometimes come back on. I...
  6. DIY: Honda Element Fog Light Install - Video

    I installed the fogs this weekend, and tried to shoot a fairly detailed DIY on how I did it.
  7. Need help with wiring - installing lights and outlets

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hey everyone, I'm installing a device that will allow me to have more 12v outlets in front, and two LED light panels. I've mounted it with double sided tape, and the lights are mounted with command strips. Everything looks great, but I just want to find a way to hide the wires! Is there anyway...
  8. Headlight Swap Info 03-05 into 08

    Hey guys, I have a question on headlights for the E. I have a 2008 EX and I would like to order a set of black diamond headlights with the clear corners in them but the company only makes them for 03-05 E's. Will the older year E headlights work on my 08? Are they a direct fit? They look the...
  9. pre-2009 tail light tints on 2010?

    I have tried searching, and although it may seem like a dumb question, I want to buy rear tail light tints and I can only find pre-made ones for a a reasonable price for the 2009 and prior years. I can find nothing for the 2010 / 2011 models. Does anyone know if the tail lights are the same...
  10. Interior LED's for 2010 is EASY! red white or blue (with links)

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Like many, I like to personalize my car. The only problem is, I have very, very little electrical/mechanical experience. That was no problem for this flashy mod, because you don't need any of that. All you need is a flat-head screwdriver, 5 minutes, and these bulbs: 2 of these...
  11. Grille Guards and Driving Lights

    I've been thinking about purchasing a grill guard and driving lights to go on it for my E. I found an older thread in here (click here for it) that talked about some grille guards. One really interested me, a guard by Manik. I've done lots of browsing the web and searching but can't seem to...
  12. Do I need size H4 headlamp bulbs?

    Maintenance and Service
    I was looking to purchase Osram Nightbreakers H4. Are H4's the correct size?
  13. Element off road bfg

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    here the good ones, tomorrow i will finish my mod of my wheels puting a little red line all over the circunference: let me know guys if you like my mods to improve the imagination
  14. Inspection difficulties with fogs?

    I am getting ready to install the OEM fogs on my Kiwi-E and would like to wire them to work without the low beams. A number of posts reference whether or not this is legal. I could care less whether it's legal. Has anyone had an issue getting their E through state inspection with that wiring...
  15. HELP! w/ Dome light-off RELAY

    I have a 2007 LX (no roof console) so I added a mirror with 2 map lights (eBay)...and wired it to the DOME map lights work, BUT dome light doesn't come on when doors open (will come on with switch)...DID I FRY the DELAY RELAY?? WHERE IS IT??? I UNwired everything and D.L. still...
  16. adding more lights to lower bumper.

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Has anyone added lights like these, directly on their bumper? here's a rough photoshop of what i mean. I'm thinking of doing it. any cons 2 this idea? -e-
  17. Post Your 2008 Christmas Lights!

    Image Gallery
    Yesterday we got about 6 inches of Hollywood snow - perfectly light powder, lightly falling to coat everything like I'm on a movie set. I'd been wanting to get some pics of my Christmas lights this year, especially since I switched to all LED, and it was the perfect backdrop. Unfortunately I...
  18. Dash lights out (various causes)

    Problems & Issues
    :confused: My 2005 has just 3,300 miles on it and the dashboard lights went out today. I checked some of the fuses but they seem to be okay. I don't have the patience to check them all and the mosquitos are swarming outside. Does anybody know exactly which fuse (#, engne compartment fuse...
  19. Instrument / gauge cluster: bulb replacement / color change / LED conversion

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I was wondering if there's an easy way to change the color of the light bulbs that illuminate the instrument cluster. After removing the cluster, I see a ton of small bulbs that are in removable "Toshiba V2" housings (or something like that). Is there a simple way to make these say, blue? Or...
  20. Fog light and headlight lens protection

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I was wondering whether or not anyone has installed the optically-clear plasic film to the Element's headlamp lenses for protection against a stray rock cracking the lenses? 8)