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  1. A different driver side door lock problem

    Maintenance and Service
    I have a 2003 avocado green EX with keyless entry. When I click the key fob all doors lock and unlock except the driver door. Key does not turn in the driver door. I can hear the lock trying to lock/unlock when key fob is clicked. There is a sound. So it seems the actuator is working but...
  2. Locking horn not working

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2006 Honda Element, when I lock my car it doesn’t beep like it normally does. It was working fine then one day just stopped working. All the doors and secure and shut tightly, the panic button still works/sounds the horn from my key fob, and the horn still works properly. The car is...
  3. 2007 EX - Doors won't unlock with remote

    Problems & Issues
    My remote works fine to lock the doors, but no response at all with unlock. I've tried several remotes, and the locks function fine with the built-in controls. Is this an actuator issues?
  4. Back left seat won't latch properly

    Problems & Issues
    For Info: 2007 EX Sorry if this has been posted, however I searched and can't find anything. My back left seat will not latch properly to the floor. The problem is that the mechanism itself is overextended and does not align properly with the hooks on the floor. I have to guide the latch into...
  5. how to reach the drivers door attenuator?

    Hi! I just bought a 2003 AWD EX, I guess the only sunset orange pearl in Holland, but there are some things to change..... the remote control does not function on the drivers door any more, and besides that this door has another lock, i.c. another key ( I guess that somewhere in the past...
  6. New radio Install wreaks havoc on electrical system

    Problems & Issues
    So, my factory radio had to be replaced. I can't get that to work, even though it should be working (wiring seems to be solid). the problem has grown to several electrical problems. I replaced two blown fuses, on on the radio power, and one on the rear accessory adapter (which was already...
  7. Help! Door won't open

    Problems & Issues
    Driver's side rear door (suicide door) will not open. When attempting to open it, It does un-latch from the top but not the bottom. Background: Friend and I were loading the car, she closed the door hard but not unusually so as she was rushing to get out of the rain. A minute later I go to that...
  8. Passenger door lock issue

    Maintenance and Service
    Hey there everyone! Happy winter....... I have an issue with my passenger door lock. About 2 months ago i noticed my passenger door was no longer locking/unlocking with the remote or the push button on the dirvers side. i can hear it clicking in there but nothing is working. i have been...
  9. Power door lock not functioning: causes and fixes

    Maintenance and Service
    The lock/unlock button and keyless entry works on all of the doors except the drivers on my 2004 EX. The driver side lock still works manually though. Using the forums, I tracked it down to the driver’s side power door lock actuator (part #72155-S5P-A11) : However, there was no complete...
  10. Door panel removal DIY. Warning! image heavy

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Door panel and lock removal DIY. Warning! image heavy This is done on my '05 with power windows and locks. I'm pretty sure they're all set up this way but the SC might be different. Remove the 2 screw covers and the speaker grille. Remove the 6 phillips screws. One under the...
  11. key won't turn, problem & fix

    Problems & Issues
    [Moderator's note: Before proceeding with this repair, please see post #59 below.] Removing, repairing and replacing the Honda 4-track ignition lock: See post #84 below. With special thanks to "SaintAug.Element" I have now seen, first hand, one example of an E door lock problem. If you have...
  12. Rear door (not tailgate) bottom latch / striker disconnected or can't be tightened

    Problems & Issues
    The right rear door has not been closing properly,I found the latch on the bottom of suicide door to be completely loose.I tried to tighten it but it is spinning.There must have been something underneath it for it to screw into but I cannot see anything.I removed the trim panels from the rocker...
  13. Mysterious beep when I open door

    Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    I noticed when I open the door to get in my E after unlocking with remote key, I hear a short beep. Does anyone know what the beep is for :?: