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  1. Eibach Springs

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    Hello E club. I was thinking about adding the Eibach lowering springs. What are your thoughts? Are they worth it? What all do I need to purchase with the springs? Is it something that I can do myself or should I take them to a shop? Do they fit better with stock struts? Is there something...
  2. going to lower my 05 E..camber kit?

    Problems & Issues
    well i have just recently bought a 2005 4wd honda element in november because i just had a little one and i cant be hauling him in my hatch...but i want to make it somewhat more me so i bought tein lowering spings which will drop it 2.5 in front and 2.4 in back and a shop told me $360 for...
  3. Swapping Rear EX struts with SC struts. Hey Parts Counter Guys!

    Maintenance and Service
    Can anybody post pics of the 52611-SCV-A02 strut and the SC's 52611-SCV-A91 rear strut for comparison? In a side-by-side manner, or with 2 different pics that have a ruler or something for scale. I'm hoping that the lower-eyelet to spring-perch distance is the same, and that the difference is...