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  1. Sell it or Store it maintenance advice

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi All, This is the first forum I have joined and I could use the wisdom of this community. I am the original owner of a black 2010 EX 4WD with Navi with 58k miles and no accidents or damage. It’s been a Bay Area California car since we bought it so it’s really clean. We had a baby last year...
  2. Engine knock followed by VSA, AWD, and Check Engine lights.

    Maintenance and Service
    I was driving today on a well maintained (no potholes or big bumps) road that I drive every day. The Limit is 55, and when i got up to around 40 MPH after accelerating conservatively as usual, when the tranny was about to shift to 4th there was a mild 'pop' and then the VSA light, the AWD...
  3. DIY Brake Bleed Bottle

    Maintenance and Service
    Tools Drill 3/32” drill bit ⅜” drill bit Vice Material Empty 32 oz /1 liter plastic bottle 3’ of ¼” plastic tubing 4” zip tie Extra cap for bottle (optional) Notes Pick a bottle with a flat base or a base wider than the top, so it will be less likely to tip over. You don’t want it too...
  4. Brake Bleed: 1-Person DIY

    Maintenance and Service
    This is my first DIY Post, so be kind with the comments... The whole operation took me 1.5 hours, including cleaning 2 clogged bleeder valves. Total cost: $14 Tools 10mm box wrench (6-point, NOT 12-point) Jack Wire brush Awl Material 32 oz / 1 liter DIY bleeder bottle 32 oz (946ml) DOT3...
  5. Pesky bolt on intake manifold

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi! I'm in the process of changing out my starter. Apparently, a TON of people have been in this position. The problem I'm having is getting to the bottom bolt of the intake manifold. I'm sure a few of you have had encounters with this issue. Any tips on how to get to the darned thing? I just...
  6. Honda Service Center Taking Me For a Ride?

    Problems & Issues
    My 07 Element LX is the first car I ever bought and I would like it to be the last car as well, so I take care of it by doing whatever the Maintenance Minder tells me to do and whatever the Honda Service Center recommends. Well, I've been going to my local service center in Woodside, Queens, NY...
  7. Headlights Down Every 6 Months

    Problems & Issues
    Over the last 3-4 years I've been replacing the headlights on the E every 6 months or so because either one or both go out. We live in NYC and figured that bad road conditions contribute to this problem, but I'm starting to think it's more electrical. Yesterday I noticed again that one of my...
  8. Induction Service

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello, Local Honda dealer informed me that I need an "induction service". Can anyone tell me what this is, please? Every time I go in for an oil change, a service representative comes out with a laundry list of things that need to be done on my vehicle. Wish I could find a great Element...
  9. Dealer Service Claims "Contaminated Brake Fluid"

    Problems & Issues
    Need help with this situation. Have 2003 Element. 82,500 miles. Kept up all maintenance. One owner. Driving last week and started loosing power. I pulled over, had Element towed. Dealership said the brake fluid has somehow become contaminated and that the entire ABS system needs replacing for...