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  1. P0172 CEL

    Problems & Issues
    Hello fellow Element owners! This is my first post so pardon any error... :) I just purchased a 2005 Honda Element EX 4WD 5MT with 192,350 miles, I bought it at an auction, unfortunately no known repair history other than what I was able to dig up on CarFax, the car is a owner with no...
  2. Honda Element Light Bulb Size Guide

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    2003–2011 Honda Element Bulb Size Guide ​ High beam & low beam headlight: 2003–2006 & 2009–2011 & 2007–2008 submodel LX & EX: 9003 2007–2008 submodel SC: 9005 / 9005LL (also as DRL: Daytime Running light) Low beam headlight: 2007–2008 submodel SC: H11 / H11LL; the vehicle with HID headlamp: D4S...
  3. Possible power steering issue?

    Maintenance and Service
    I have a 2007 EX with about 115k miles on it. This morning on the way to work I pull onto the highway and the following all happens at once: - The battery warning light came on - The vehicle became very difficult to steer - There was a loud squealing under the hood Was very scary because I was...
  4. Denver Area recommended service/maintenence?

    Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    Hi All! My baby is just about at 80k and her tires are getting pretty bald at 40k. Im new to the Denver area (I actually live in Leadville but am assuminging that Denver will have more options). Id like to bring my element to a trusted and not overpriced shop where they can give her a general...
  5. Mechanic in Chicagoland area?

    Maintenance and Service
    Can anyone recommend a mechanic in the Chicagoland (preferably the city, but I'm willing to drive) area? It's due for a tune-up and the Maintenance Required light just popped on. I've brought my 2002 Honda CR-V to Carr's Honda on Western Ave but haven't been pleased with the service - it's seems...
  6. When does a clutch go on E's?

    Problems & Issues
    I currently own a 2007 E that is an Automatic. Looking to buy another one that is older but a manuel. Is there a certain milage I should be aware of that they usually need a new clutch put in? Also what kind of price are you looking at to get a clutch put in an E? Anyone that has a 2003-2006...
  7. 38K miles & still no sub-maint indicator

    Ask The Dealer
    Hello all, My 2008 Honda Element SC just hit 38K miles and I still have not gotten any maintenance minder codes for any of the sub-maintenances. Should I be concerned? I brought this up to a Honda technician at the dealership yesterday and he thinks it should have come on by now and hadn't...
  8. New E owner in Ottawa (tips?)

    Central Canada Owners
    Hey friends, This is my first post! Just bought a 2004 Element in Fiji Blue Pearl from a new-car Honda dealership... got a good deal as someone was turning it over to buy a new CR-V. I'm wondering if there are any good informational threads that I can read up on. Main things I'm wondering...
  9. 2006 Element LX AWD - 82K - Service Recommendations

    Maintenance and Service
    This week I picked up a 1-owner Element LX 2006 AWD. The downside is the miles are high for a 3 year old vehicle, the upside is it's in very good shape and I got a very, very good deal on her. My question to this community is what service items (aside from standard maint like oil change)...