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  1. TSX injector body, injectors, etc?

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Hello all, First- thanks for answering my intake manifold gasket question below. Secondly, I happened upon an RBB manifold from a TSX owner that I'm installing tomorrow. He also gave me the throttle body, related vacuum lines, and the injector body, fuel rail, and injectors. The TB is...
  2. Quick- Hondata intake manifold gasket - Worth it? Yes/no?

    Under The Hood / Performance
    I've got the intake manifold and all it's attached buddies off of my E in order to do a starter replacement. I've got a motorcycle to get around and could feasibly let the E sit in the garage a few days while waiting for a hondata gasket to get here... ...if it's actually worth it... If not...
  3. RBB intake manifold questions

    Under The Hood / Performance
    I am considering installing the RBB IM (2005 TSX IM). I have read all the related posts and was wondering if anyone could elaborate on the modifications required to use on the E. I think the RBB is the one for me (over the RBC) because I like my low-end torque and have an automatic...