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  1. Wanted: 5-speed Element

    Trading Post
    Hello, Looking for a Manual Transmission E with < 150k miles. I'm in the NC/VA/TN/SC area. Thanks, Drew
  2. FS: 2007 SC, 5-MT, Galaxy Gray, spotless CARFAX, only 71200 miles - $12,500

    Trading Post
    5-speed manual transmission, FWD 71,200 miles I'm the 2nd owner, bought outright in 2008 (title transfer from dad to me in 2016, so vehicle reports show 3 total owners). No accidents, clean AutoCheck and CarFax reports available - no open recalls, damage, accidents, etc. Well maintained...
  3. 2005 Honda Element EX 5spd AWD - 133k miles, manual, Battle Toaster! $5,500

    Trading Post
    For sale: 2005 Honda Element EX 5spd AWD - 133k miles, manual, Battle Toaster! $5,500 Selling our 2005 Honda Element. :cry: We have owned this vehicle for 3 years, since 97,000 miles and we don't want to sell but are expecting our second child this winter and decided we need to go with a...
  4. FS: low mileage 77k 2006 EXP Element Seattle

    Trading Post
    I was wasting some time, looking at things far away and saw a low mileage Element for sale in Seattle. Looks like it has had some mods, AWD, manual, the "P" means painted quarter panels. Looks like some fancy rims and pretty new tires. to see...
  5. Need some (selling) price advice

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    I know the Element is a niche-vehicle, and I'm looking for some advice about how to price mine as I reluctantly put it on the market. I've owned it from the beginning in 2003, and it has been a flawless vehicle. I've kept it in excellent condition with low-ish miles (108K), no body damage, and...
  6. Service Manual

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Is there a place to download or buy a quality service manual that isn't at least $100? I just bought an 04 EX 5Spd AWD and am pretty stoked. But I need a manual to get some work done.
  7. P0141 after clutch install

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all! New poster (be gentle with me...). I have a 04 E, 5MT with 160K. I just put a new clutch in it and not 1 hour drive time later got a P0141 code. Seems AWFULLY coincidental that a car can go 160K and never pop a code and then less than 1 hour after clutch install... BAM. Thoughts? Are...
  8. Service manual for 03-08 Element

    Maintenance and Service
    After many great years, I finally traded in my 04 Element. I had to choose between spending time with my toddler or spending time under my car and... Well, he's pretty adorable. If for need a service manual for your 03-08 Element, you can have mine for $10, which is just to cover my shipping...
  9. FS: Stock 2004 Silver EX AWD MT SD A/B in CA

    Trading Post
    I am located in Los Angeles, California Asking $10,500 I am selling my expertly maintained 2004 Silver EX AWD 5- Speed with Side Air Bags. I am the original owner and have babied the car hoping it would last forever, I am sure it will. I hand wash it with 2 buckets, I park away from cars in...
  10. Vibration when Idling and Accelerating

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2003 E 4wd EX manual with 118,000, and was wondering where this vibration is coming from. The car has a suddle vibration at idle, and under heavy acceleration the car vibrates. I am most certain it is coming from the engine/drivetrain area, not tires. I have deduced that the...
  11. FOUND! Silver 2006 Element 4x4 MT!

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    I recently decided that my life will never be complete without a Honda Element. After some extensive research I decided to go for the manual 06-07 AWD (or 4x4...*apparently a touchy subject*.) Finally, I found one that meets all my requirements! (minus the fact that it's not blue, doesn't have...
  12. MT to AT Transmission Swap?

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Has anybody thought about doing this? or does anybody know all the stuff that would be involved... im not a huge gearhead or anything... i figured i could get the parts off a wrecked E from somewhere. I am thinking about doing this because i lost part of my left leg and it makes it hard to...
  13. Automatic or Manual?

    POLL Central
    Curiosity! Do you drive an automatic or a manual...?
  14. Converting Auto To Mt

    Under The Hood / Performance
    How much money am i looking at and what do i need to convert my auto E to a 5spd E and then hopefully into 6spd??? :idea:
  15. auto vs manual for the element

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    hey everyone, the element sure has me interested and i was wondering what all your opinions are concerning automatic vs manual transmissions for the element.