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  1. Interior
    So I'm brand new here, hi. I've got a 2011 Element, 4WD, automatic. One of my interior lights went out, but I've heard it called many names on this site alone. Cabin light, map light, front n' center bright thingy (ok I made that last one up.) So here's the thing: I KNOW I can replace it with a...
  2. Interior
    Hello Folks, The group rocks and we now have our 2008 Element LX that we just picked up! I've learned a ton from reading these posts too. Already digging in on many upgrades. I would like to change out my rear view mirror with a Honda mirror that also has built in map lights such as ones I've...
  3. Interior
    I posted a question earlier as to whether or not i could change my dome lights to red and recieved very good answers, the other question i have now is that i want to replace the map lights (the forward angled lights that you touch on and off). My dealership didnt have a lot of information...
1-3 of 3 Results