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  1. Elemat front, like new 2010-11 ex

    Trading Post
    4SALE Elemat front, like new 2010-11 ex When I purchased my second E in less than a year, I bought the entire set of Elemat for it, loved the way it fits and still do. Quite an improvement on the original floor, yet looks the same. I'm keeping the cargo mat which covers from behind the drivers...
  2. Elemmat for Mother's Day..

    Hey guys, new to the forum and a proud driver of my mom's 2004 Element. They actually adopted me (but I call them "Mom and "Dad) actually a month or so after they bought it so it is something that I have grown very attached to. In fact, this is the first car that I've driven on a public road...
  3. Anyone willing to show me their mats?

    SoCal Owners
    Considering buying the Complete Deluxe carpet set from South Coast Accessories. I'm in the Eagle Rock/Glendale area and would love to check out these mats in someone's Element. Anyone near who wouldn't mind showing them to me before I order them? I'm interested in the Deluxe set for front and...