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  1. Interior
    Hello! I've only had my E for two weeks and am very excited about it. I do want to put carpet in though. I've been scouring sites looking for the best option that doesn't look cheap or flimsy. There is an OEM front carpet piece that seems fine but I may want to find one that covers the whole...
  2. Interior
    hey im sure we have all seen the advertisements for those laser measured floor liners and I think it would be nice, if we are all interested of course, to write the developers about making ones for the elements. since they don't sell them at the moment. :x Ive contacted them about the lx models...
  3. Interior
    New Element owner here looking for something that will protect the cargo area and backseat area (basically everything behind the front seats). Ideally I'm looking for something fairly hard, kind of like the vinyl mat one might use to protect carpet from a rolling desk chair. I load stuff in...
  4. Interior
    I have a black element and the inside floor is grey, also i have the OEM Black seat covers. Now I am going to purchase the Honda All Season Mats. Which color do you guys recommend?
  5. Interior
    I was getting some stuff for a grill guard when I walked past the outdoor/indoor carpet rolls. You know the carpet for screened-in porches and all? I'm sure this is old news to some of you guys but...I thought what a great idea to get that to place in the back of my Element. You can cut it to...
  6. 'E'ccessories
    The rear all season floor mat in my E slides all over. The front mat has little brackets that hold it in place but the rear mat doesn't have anything. When people get in and out of my back seat it slides all over. Does anybody have any easy fixes to hold this in place? I thought of velcro...
1-6 of 6 Results