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  1. Advice on Whether to Part With A Beloved

    Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    Hey y’all, this is my first post here but apparently I joined the community a long while ago. I bought a 2003 Auto4WD Element to the tune of around $7k in 2012, my first car, right after graduating high school. I’ve still got it and it’s still running (somehow), with 180k miles on it. I’ve...
  2. Reputable Honda Mechanic in Baltimore/Maryland area for persistent thumping issue!!

    Problems & Issues
    Hi Everyone. First post. Bought my 2006 Element EX brand new and currently have 178,000 miles. Engine strong, knock on wood, but I have an issue with the left front wheel. There is a thumping sound and I have been to several mechanics who can‘ figure it out. It happens at any speed. Had...
  3. Looking for a mechanic who can work on E

    Mid-Atlantic Element Owners
    I have a 2008 Honda Element that I don’t want to have to put her to sleep. So she is making some banging in front end when I make a turn. Could it be Struts? Shocks? Or something else? I have a hard time finding someone who can understand her emotions and her difficulties. Any suggestions?
  4. Trustworthy mechanic in west los Angeles area?

    SoCal Owners
    My continent spanning 2003 EX with 218,000 miles needs its first serious work and I don't know a single mechanic who won't charge a fortune. I have that issue (as discussed here with not being able to get into gear unless the car...
  5. Trustworthy mechanic near New London, RI

    Problems & Issues
    I am driving down the New England coast (I am from Montreal) and I believe my alternator just died. (Battery light on, changed the battery, tried unplugging the battery while the car was running and the engine stopped immediately) I am at a campground near Wakefield, RI. Heading towards New...
  6. Mechanic in Chicagoland area?

    Maintenance and Service
    Can anyone recommend a mechanic in the Chicagoland (preferably the city, but I'm willing to drive) area? It's due for a tune-up and the Maintenance Required light just popped on. I've brought my 2002 Honda CR-V to Carr's Honda on Western Ave but haven't been pleased with the service - it's seems...
  7. Any good Element Mechanics in Indy?

    Midwest Element Owners
    I need someone to come and take a look at my Element. I can't seem to trust the dealership with anything!
  8. I to make my element faster

    Under The Hood / Performance
    i owned a bmw m3 and had it chipped and intake added it helpled a lot. can anyone direct me to some good engine mods..... and anyone in phoenix area know a good honda mechanic