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  1. NorCal Meetup Near Sacramento on SAT 6/15

    NorCal Owners
    Hey there, fellow NorCal Element Enthusiasts! I don't know how many of you are Facebook users, and -- if so -- are also members of the Honda Element Owners Group. Anyway, one of that group's members, Brianna Cortez, is organizing the event at Maidu Park (1550 Maidu Drive, Roseville, California...
  2. Ottawa Meet-up Sept 09 (gauging the potential!)

    Central Canada Owners
    In the spirit of kitkat and hapyface organizing meetups, I figure I'd follow suit, even though I'm pretty new! (I'm in Toronto occasionally so I'll keep tabs to those threads). Anyone up for a meetup in Ottawa maybe Sunday Sept 13 or Sunday Sept 20? A good place might be Dow's Lake Pavilion...
  3. Las Vegas Meetup!

    South by Southwest
    Hey Folks, I know this has been Brought up before but I don't know if it's actually happen. What do you guys say to a LV Meetup later this month lets Say the Tuesday the 20th at the Buffalo Wild Wings on Sunset and Stephine (Galleria Mall) around 8ish I know most of us work the weekend and that...