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  1. Help me find cause of poor MPG

    Fuel Economy and Gas Related Discussion
    Hi, I used to have my lovely automatic 2004 EX 2WD, which was getting at least 20MPG pretty much constantly, regardless of my driving habits or environment (city/highway). On long flat highway trips I managed to push it as far as 30MPG. Unfortunately the E fell victim of an idiot, who lost the...
  2. Mileage -- Gas Tank Size

    Under The Hood / Performance
    I inherited my wife's 2006 Element and have been driving it for about a month. In mixed driving on a trip of 5000 miles, I got about 25 MPG. Is this typical? In addition, according to the manual the tank holds 15.9 gallons. However, the on-dash warning light flips on with 3 gallons still in...
  3. Bad brakes on 2009? Switching to Element from Subaru

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi everyone! I am new to this forum and will soon be new to the Element world! After owning two Subaru's I am making the switch to a 2009 Element. However before I do so I have a few questions: I have heard in several places that many Elements have braking issues. These include brake...
  4. Rear brakes at 40k?!

    Problems & Issues
    My wife and I have a 2009 Element ex with 40k miles. Most of our mileage, perhaps more than 3/4 was acquired during lost distance highway jaunts. When we took the car in for the latest oil change, the techs informed us that needed new rear brake pads. In my experience it's always the front...
  5. alignment and control arm issue

    Maintenance and Service
    I put my new summer tires on and thought I ought to check the alignment, even though I have had not symptoms of the E being out of align. The dedicated alignment shop said: FRONT right was 1.5 negative and the left was .5 negative... spec calls for .25 negative. No big deal. REAR The rear camber...
  6. Help: Gas Mileage Culprit

    Fuel Economy and Gas Related Discussion
    Hey Guyz! I have the 2005 4wd LX and used to get about 23-24mpg, which was nice. But after owning the car for about 3 years, the gas mileage has started to drop. I am now averaging 21 mpg with mostly highway driving. I've tried "hypermiling", and changing my driving habits, but it doesn't...
  7. Scan Gauge II

    Mobile Electronics
    I just found this little gem for sale at one of my favorite websites How about that for a schweet little add-on for the ****pit. I was used to having a display similar to this in my Grand Cherokee. It had a nice trip computer which showed...