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  1. Replacement Driver Side Mirror Whistling

    Problems & Issues
    I cracked the housing on my driver side mirror backing into a parking deck pole. The motor in the mirror still worked, but it hung a little loose and would whistle at higher speeds, driving me crazy. This week I ordered the generic replacement from Amazon and installed it last night. (The glass...
  2. is this an aftermarket side mirror?

    Problems & Issues
    sorry to clog up the forums, but quick question: could this be an aftermarket side mirror? I had to replace it to pass inspection and removing the glass in the standard way didn't work at all and I broke the mirror. Once I looked behind the panel/mirror holder thing, I noticed there weren't...
  3. Radar Detector Mirror Mount Issues

    Problems & Issues
    Hey everyone, This is my first post on here, but I'm in a pickle. I bought a mirror mount for my Beltronics pro 500. Now the issue I'm having is the stem of the rear view mirror. It isn't circular it's almost squared with rounded edges. I'm sure some of you know what I'm talking about. Does...
  4. Reverse Mirror?

    Hello EOC! I was driving the other day when I spotted an awesome green Element that drove pass me in the Seattle/Renton area and the owner had a part on his vehicle that I have never seen before. It was a reverse mirror that looked specifically manufactured for the Honda Element. That is, it...
  5. Wide angle rearview mirror

    I think we all know the OEM rearview mirror sucks. Installed a clip on wide angle mirror and the view is night vs. day. Use of sun visor is not affected. The key to getting the right one is to make sure you buy the mirror that is 250mm in length and not 300mm or your sun visor will hit the...
  6. Replacing side mirror glass

    Maintenance and Service
    Broke my passenger's side mirror backing out of the garage: Doh!! Since the adjustment mechanism was unharmed, I had only to order the glass itself, which comes on a plastic carrier (2 in illustration): Majestic part 1096237, $18.28, Honda part 76203-SCV-A01 ($24.37 list). The glass has...
  7. Blind spot safety

    I ran into a couple of other E owners in a coffee shop retreating from a downpour. We started talking and ended up sharing that we all had the experience of almost changing lanes into a car because of the blind spot on the driver's side. I already put a spot mirror on mine and it's much safer...
  8. Add on mirror

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    My 2004 E has a major blind spot on the drivers side and a not so major blind spot on the passengers side. So I added small round stick on Convex mirrors to both side mirrors but with the heat in Florida they both fell off. Then one day I saw this van go by with these add on mirrors that looked...