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  1. Misfire

    Fuel Economy and Gas Related Discussion
    I have been having this issue with the car misfiring for like 3 seconds after a 20-minute Drive when I shut it off and turn it back on in 1 hour, it would misfire for like 3 to 4 seconds and then go back to normal I'm guessing it's the fuel pump I'm not a hundred percent sure any suggestions???
  2. Diagnosing no-start/ mysterious symptoms

    Under The Hood / Performance
    I thought I'd post this because I've scoured the 'net for help figuring out my problem. Now that I've figured it out, thought it might help someone else who finds themself in a similar situation. *** I'm writing this to get to my 'lessons learned': at the bottom of the post: read down!*** A...
  3. Diagnosing cylinder 2 misfire (P0302)

    Problems & Issues
    Can a faulty IAT sensor cause a misfire? Hey all, first post here! My CEL came on a couple of weeks ago and I've been struggling to fix it permanently. I'm getting P0113 and P0302. I've done exhaustive work trying to figure out the cause of my misfire. Checked my coils, fuel injectors, and...
  4. Misfire Cyl 1 Help if you have experience please

    Problems & Issues
    06 Ex AWD MT with 102kmi. Have run seafoam direct in the Vacuum tube(3months ago) as well as in the gas and ice heat in the gas w/in last 4 tanks.. New NGK plugs at 100k... Noticed rough idle when stopping at lights but not all the time... Would get really bad if I touched the gas to move up...
  5. Temperature and Misfire

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello everyone! I live in Buffalo and recently the temperature has dropped and stayed around or below freezing. About two days ago it dropped to about 25-30F and the next day my car had a misfire on cylinders 1 and 2. I was wondering if this could be related to the temperature. The engine is...
  6. Misfire Code on Cylinder 4

    Problems & Issues
    Got my 2nd misfire code on cylinder 4 yesterday. Same as 2 Saturdays before that. AutoZone checked the 1st one then we added injector cleaner to see if it fixed it. Not Fixed, O'Reilly read the code yesterday, Same Thing. Only on Cylinder 4.... any ideas?
  7. Misfire problem, side effects, and solution

    Problems & Issues
    2007 Element EX Manual Transmission Just posting this here to help anyone else that may be having the same problem. Been dealing with a Misfire Code on cylinder #4. Engine light comes on, sometimes the TSA and the "!" come on too. Sometimes the engine light flashes. Sometimes it turns off...
  8. Bad Ignition Coils, Misfire, Check Engine Light

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2006 element with about 90K miles. About a month ago the engine light came on during my daily commute (highway speeds) and the car shuddered and seems to jerk if I got up to around 55 mph or so. I limped back home and my local mechanic diagnosed it as a bad cam regulator solenoid (I...
  9. Cylinder Misfire

    Problems & Issues
    Good Day! Well, Rainy day here in Las Vegas, but Anyhow... Check engine light came on in my 03 Element, took it to Autozone to find out why. Code came back as: Cylinder number 1 misfire with possible causes: 1. Vaccum leak affecting one cylinder 2. Ignition...