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moon roof

  1. Remove moon roof and add escape hatch w/ solar trickle

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I have an 05 ex and want to remove the moon roof to add some sort of escape hatch. Im having trouble finding escape hatches that meet the exact dimensions of the moon roof (25.5 inches height by 33.3 inches wide measured from the top/outside of vehicle). Does anyone have advice on what to do if...
  2. Honda Element Roof hatch storage bag

    Trading Post
    This item is Sold. How do I delete these messages?
  3. FS: Honda Element Moon Roof Storage Bag

    Trading Post
    Hi, guys.... before I put this on Ebay.... I have three...yeah, three elements! Two are still in the bag and one I used once just to see how it worked. $25 each and I'll ship to you with in the 48 states....(oughta be an easier way to say that) Photo on request email me just to ensure I don't...