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motor mount

  1. Aftermarket or OEM Motor Mounts

    Problems & Issues
    Is it worth it buying aftermarket motor/transmission mounts to save money? I am in need of two motor mounts and a transmission mount and am low-key disgusted by the cost of a block of rubber. Looking at RockAuto vs. Majestic Honda. Thanks
  2. Broken motor mount busted off housing

    Problems & Issues
    Hey, So I bought my E and later found out it had been in an accident so i'm slowly discovering a lot of different things that were not fixed. Just discovered I had two broken motor mounts, one on the top drivers side and one on the bottom in the front. When i pulled out the one in the bottom...
  3. Motor and Trasmission Mount Replaced

    Maintenance and Service
    I finally bit the bullet and had my transmission and front motor mount replaced. The difference is night and day. For longer than I care to admit there was a sort of grinding sound when I would take off from a dead stop. Like my transmission was tearing itself up - but the shift points didn't...
  4. Rubbing Noise

    Maintenance and Service
    Okay so I've owned my E for 6 years now, I call her Tupperware. I've always trusted my mechanic with EVERYTHING. But due to difficult financial times I'm having to do somethings myself. Current issue: Rubbing / Grinding Noise Where: Front or middle When: While coasting without brake or gas...
  5. Should I replace all four engine mounts?

    Maintenance and Service
    I have a 2003 Honda Element with 101,440 miles on it. The rubber on the front engine mount is cracked. I don't think they can see the condition of the other 3 mounts without pulling the engine out. My question is, is it better to get all 4 engine mounts replaced at the same time? Or if only...
  6. Cracked Transmission Housing

    Maintenance and Service
    While replacing Trans Fluid, my brother-in-law and I noticed a crack in the transmission housing. It is near the drain plug/trans mount. I guess I should take a picture. How bad can this be? It scares me, so I'm currently putting it on my "things to ignore" list. BIL also suggested that...