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  1. 2003 EX - I want MP3 functionality

    Mobile Electronics
    I'm a fan of audio books, but I'm finding many that only come in MP3 format on CD. My 2003 EX won't play MP3 format. So, what are my options? 1. Replace head unit with 2005+ ? - maybe...current radio gets mediocre reception, if not crappy reception. Maybe a newer EX head unit will get improved...
  2. AUX Input Stopped Working

    Problems & Issues
    Aux port / power port Good day, I have a 2003 EX and recently the AUX port started to not work. I have to move the cable around into awkward positions to get it to transmit sound from my iphone. I've tried different cables and have come to the conclusion that it must be a loose wire or short...
  3. Trouble with LX Factory Radio!

    Mobile Electronics
    Every time I think about attacking NO iPod (or MP3) player plug for he LXs, I S C R E A M !....I look at ALL the listing here....and...think I should just buy a cheap radio with RCA plugs in back (no CD, and they're really cheap)...No PIE-HON-Other-What-ever adapters, which are expensive.:mad...