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  1. Muffler tip direction

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2005 EX/AWD/manual. Today, I had MIDAS install a new after market final muffler pipe and tip. My original muffler tip came straight out to the rear. The MIDAS muffler comes out to the right. MIDAS claims that they put my VIN into their system and this part was the result. If I push it...
  2. Catalytic converter replacement and cat-clamp install write up

    Maintenance and Service
    A little new here - hoping this is the right forum for this: As reported in this thread ( I had my catalytic converter stolen of my 2006 EX-P Element in Chicago. Just thought I would do a quick write up on the parts I...
  3. Exhaust leak - front donut gasket

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, My E has been loud for a while. Today I took it to midas, where they said I needed a front donut gasket and spring bolts, only available from the dealer. I went to the dealer to find they wanted 36 bucks for the gasket, 10 bucks for each bolt, and 15 bucks for each spring. Before I...
  4. Good cheap exhaust system for the SC ???

    Under The Hood / Performance
    First off i don't want to spend much and i really just want a new tip and whatever will make it sound a little louder and deeper. Every time i go to an exhaust shop they tell me i need this this this and this and it will cost me $600. I was wondering if anyone has spent like $150 or less and...