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nerf bars

  1. E-bay nerf step bars

    Hello all, I was just checking on e-bay nerf bars, saw some for 85 bucks...anybody out there used these cheaper type ones? Any good? I'm thinking of getting black ones for my 04 s.o.p. The price is about right, but how do they really look? Thanks!!
  2. Sidesteps: OEM or aftermarket? Black?

    I'm thinking I want black sidesteps (aka "nerf" bars on many websites). I have a RED '06 ex. I just think black will look better than silver. I have read as many posts on sidesteps and many don't say if they have oem or aftermarket or what material they are made of or where they bought their...
  3. Side Steps - 3" Nerf versus 4" Oval

    So I found a good deal on some Aries Nerf Bars They guys says he has two types for the element 3" Nerf for $170 or 4" Oval for $205 Not really sure what the difference is between these... Thoughts?
  4. Nerf bars

    Where can I find some Nerf Bars for my 03 Element? I've tried H and A accessories, and Weathers Auto Supply...If anyone can Help I'd appreciate it thanks a lot!!!!!