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  1. Problems & Issues
    in my 2003E AWD EX all of a sudden the radio does not work anymore, that is: the radio/CD/aux works fine according to the display, but no sound whatsoever is coming out of my 7 speakers. First guess of course is the amplifier - I changed the fuse #7 (20A) in the under-dash fusebox, but that did...
  2. Problems & Issues
    Hi element owners, I have a 2009 Honda element ex w/ the stock 5 speaker sound system. I installed a double din stereo in my E last week and I ran into a problem. My Sound won't work in my element. I connected all the wires correctly and got everything turned on but the only and major problem...
  3. Mobile Electronics
    I replaced all the stock speakers with 6.5 after market speakers. The sound comes out normal at the begining but after a while the speakers go out of sound and only the Subwoofer works. PLEASE HELP. On the driver side speaker there are four wires to be inputed into the new speaker while the...
  4. Mobile Electronics
    My 05 Element battery died over the weekend. I jumped it and everything seemed fine. I entered the anti-theft code and the radio appeared to come on but no audio at all. I needed a new battery so I took it to my local Honda dealer and they said they had no idea why the audio wasn't working. Had...
  5. Mobile Electronics
    Hi Recently on a trip the stock stereo in my 2003 honda element stopped working properly. It still works but the sound is all bass. Maybe some wires came loose or something, how would i get the head unit out to check. Any idea's of what it may be?
1-5 of 5 Results