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no start

  1. E random no start runs fine otherwise

    Problems & Issues
    Hello everyone 2005 E 222k miles. Really scratching my head here. There are random times my e will crank but wont start i could come back hours or days later and it will start fine. When it gives me a hard time starting if i get it to run it runs fine no codes no hiccups just smooth. I replaced...
  2. Intermittent cranking issue

    Problems & Issues
    I checked posts here and other sites and fond similar issues, but no resolve. So I thought I would share the issue I am having here. I welcome other opinions/suggestions and perhaps this may even help someone else. As of yet it's too soon to tell if I have it resolved, but here goes: I have an...
  3. Cranks, hard start after sitting for a week

    Problems & Issues
    My '03 has 139K on it. I've recently been bringing it up date with a number of maintenance items. New plugs, new injectors, new starter, new battery, and valves were adjusted at 125K. Also had the timing chain replaced after the valve adjust due to cam position fault. Chain replacement fixed the...
  4. Slow Start > No Start Diagnosis

    Problems & Issues
    2006 EX-P 2wd Auto Several months ago my Element would have a random, occasional slow start. It would turnover very sluggish but would start. This was maybe once every 2 weeks or so. One time it didn't start, but started right up with a jump. Went to parts store to have it tested. Battery...
  5. No Start No Crank - Mysteriously Intermittent!

    Problems & Issues
    Hello Honda Element forum! I've got a weird one that hopefully some of you will have some insight on. Thank you ahead of time for your responses! My friend's 2006 Element intermittently doesn't start - no turn, no crank, no attempt whatsoever from the engine to start. Sometimes when you disable...
  6. Diagnosing no-start/ mysterious symptoms

    Under The Hood / Performance
    I thought I'd post this because I've scoured the 'net for help figuring out my problem. Now that I've figured it out, thought it might help someone else who finds themself in a similar situation. *** I'm writing this to get to my 'lessons learned': at the bottom of the post: read down!*** A...
  7. Starter bad? Just checking (maybe unique problem??)

    Problems & Issues
    I have been working on my E. I replaced the mounting bolts to the power steering pump since one bent and the other broke off inside the mount. Extracted bolt, replaced with new ones, replaced serp belt.... SOO..... I reconnect the NEW battery. Everything has power.. Windows, lights, dash...
  8. Help if you can! Element only runs when scan tool is connected to obdII port

    Problems & Issues
    Im working on an 03 Honda element with a KA24. It was towed here, when i rolled it off the trailer it started right up. I drove it into the shop and decided to let it run a few minutes. I then shut it off and attempted to re-start it but got nothing. All it would do was crank over, but not fire...
  9. How to test coils? Won't start.

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, first I want to thank everyone on the forums for all the valuable information! You guys rock! I have a starting problem. Engine turns over strong but wont start. No codes showing. I went ahead and replaced the crankshaft position sensor just in case, it wasn't that much $, still no start. I...