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not starting

  1. 2003 immobilizer issue

    Problems & Issues
    Hello we have a 2003 E that every once in a while will not start. The immobilizer kicks in (clicking from behind glovebox). It has a keyless entry system because the drivers side door lock keeps seizing up. Is there a way to bypass the immobilizer? This is not a looker and we are not worried...
  2. Starting problems

    Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    Hello, can some give me some advice. I purchased my vehicle used and a day or two later the srs light came on... i took it back to where I purchased it and they said they fixed it... the light came back on and the vehicle is has become difficult to start. (sluggish, sometimes i have to wait a...
  3. Starter problem?

    Maintenance and Service
    First off, my E has 178,000 miles on it and as far as I know (I bought a couple years back) I'm still workin with the original starter, fuel pump, alternator, etc. I recently had an alarm installed... soon thereafter began the problem (although I think its just a coincidence). My engine began...