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  1. Odometer Display. Anyone Seen This?

    Problems & Issues
    Slowly but surely, the display has been disintegrating for the past year. Almost looks like a bug is eating away at the dark part of it. Bulbs are good, as parts of the numbers are visible where the dark 'paint' still exists.
  2. Odometer light issue

    Maintenance and Service
    2006 EX-P with 125,000 miles. My odometer light suddenly went out about 10 days ago. What could the issue be? Fix? (Nothing seems adversely effected otherwise.)
  3. 134,305 and a light burns out...POS!! :^)

    Problems & Issues
    Oddly the first bulbs to go were the odo lights, so I couldn't even tell how far I got before they went out. So that's what I had when I got to Autozone and bought two 2127LL's and replaced them. Its my own fault. When people would ask how I like it I'd tell them I have over 130k miles and 6...
  4. element issues. speedo, odometer, redlines at 4k RPMs

    Problems & Issues
    I found an element that im interested in buying. The asking price is 3500, which is great, but there are some potential severe problems that i'll have to fix to drive the car daily. My thought is that some of them might be connected in some way, but im not sure. The worst problem is that the...
  5. odometer is out

    Problems & Issues
    Has anyone had this happen yet? The odemeter is completely blank, but all the other guages and lights work o.k. I looked in the manual and don't see a fuse for the odometer. I need to track my mileage for work so this is a major headache. Anyone?