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oem rack

  1. FS: OEM roof rack

    Trading Post
    Selling an OEM roof rack that came with the E I recently purchased. The E had an aftermarket rack installed and so I have no use for the OEM. It was taken off by previous owner when he purchased the E brand new so the rack is in excellent condition. * only minor detail is one plastic cap is...
  2. FS: OEM Racks $100, shipping included

    Trading Post
    FS: Honda OEM Rack $100, shipping included ---------------------------- End of year clean up - we have OEM Honda Racks available, these are off Elements we converted. I don't have pictures, it's a stock OEM Honda rack. If you simply must have a photo, add $10 to the price. No idea how long they...
  3. Rola 59150 Pursuit Folding Roof Top Carrier on OEM Roof Rack

    Has anyone out there attached the Rola 59150 to Honda OEM racks? If so, are you satisfied with the roof top carrier? I'm thinking about purchasing the carrier for a 7K+ road trip in September and I am concerned about how it will work out/ hold up. Thanks. Link...