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oil change

  1. Oil change?

    Maintenance and Service
    I have a 2006 and it has around 183k. I no longer put many miles on it and have put around 3,000 since the last oil change. However, it has now been a year since that oil change. Should I go ahead and get the oil changed or wait for another 2,000 miles?
  2. Mobile 1 vs. Valvoline synthetic oil?

    Maintenance and Service
    So, I just bought a used 2006 Element with 52k miles on it. The guy I bought it from has been putting Mobile 1 oil in it the whole time past the "break in" period. I am just wondering if there is much difference between Mobile 1 and Valvoline's full synthetic oil? In my town, there isn't a quick...
  3. Engine Oil Viscosity

    Maintenance and Service
    This may be a dead horse that has been kicked numerous times :evil: but... What viscosity of oil do most people use in their Elements? I know it is recommended for 5W/20, but that recommendation is based on the federal Government and their CAFE requirements. Oil as thin as 5W20 may work fine...
  4. Has anyone really waited 10k for oil change?

    Maintenance and Service
    I am at 6800 miles after 5 months. Most of my trips are around 25 miles. I was going to follow the normal maintenance and get my first oil change at 10K. Has ANYONE else waited for 10,000 miles? I see most of the people who have posted in the oil change threads did theirs at 5K.