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oil leak

  1. Oil Leak - Huge trail of oil down my whole driveway and the road

    Problems & Issues
    Hey everyone! So driving home today once I parked I notice a trail of oil coming from my 2007 Element. Here are videos so you can see: Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files It seems to have randomly started like a quarter mile from my house just coming around a corner on a smooth...
  2. Oil leak above oil filter?

    Problems & Issues
    I have a mystery oil leak on my newly acquired $300 Honda Smelement. I've gone through all the spark plugs and oils/radiator. But now theres this leak right above the oil filter, dripping down on my new filter and the CV axle. Looks like some sort of plug there. Anyone know if this is a common...
  3. Road trip woes - Oil leak after overfilling

    Problems & Issues
    I am traveling around the country in my E to rock climb. Last week, my engine went and had to be replaced at just 80k. I knew the previous owner had left it as a lawn ornament in a seaside town for a bit, guess it must have been a long while. Poor girl. Anyway, I got it back and was being...