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  1. 2005 Element Codes...won't start

    Problems & Issues
    Hello Everyone! I'm a 2005 Element owner with 310K miles on it (bought with high mileage from a retired Honda tech - which no longer does any tech'ing). It ran like a top until the last week or so. Once in a while during the week, it would have a extremely short raspy sound and hesitate for...
  2. Repeating P0507 Code

    Problems & Issues
    Last Saturday I had my oil changed. Later that afternoon I am driving down the interstate and I get a CEL. Pulled the code and it was P0507 "Idle Air Control System RPM Higher Than Expected." I've been troubleshooting a separate problem regarding a "dragging" sensation when I lift my foot of the...
  3. idle air control valve (2003-06)

    Problems & Issues
    I think I need to clean or replace my idle control valve. When I start my Element it idles around 500-600 rpm. With the A/C on it idles a little higher. It has been stalling out at intersections and when I turn. I got a code P0172 which indicated the fuel mixture was too rich. Where is the ICV...