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  1. Ordered some parts for my Element

    Problems & Issues
    So, the other day, my cousin and I were going to take the Element down to the coast to pick up some parts for his camper (trim for the slide-out, as a preventative measure to prevent leaks). We got about 8-10 miles away and suddenly the engine cut out as I was pulling out onto a street. At...
  2. Blown head gasket (maybe worse?)... Just get a new engine?

    Problems & Issues
    This has been a long saga of garbage. I bought a money pit with out getting it properly inspected with a buyers check (first mistake). I had issues with the car from the beginning. I had phantom problems with my V-tec solenoid, it had been replaced several times, and the oil was flushed, but...
  3. 2005 Element Codes...won't start

    Problems & Issues
    Hello Everyone! I'm a 2005 Element owner with 310K miles on it (bought with high mileage from a retired Honda tech - which no longer does any tech'ing). It ran like a top until the last week or so. Once in a while during the week, it would have a extremely short raspy sound and hesitate for...
  4. VTEC problem: Code P2646 (also 2647, 2648, 2649)

    Problems & Issues
    Well my dear EOC friends I have had my first problem with my Element after 96,000 miles. While driving down the road the other day my malfunction indicator lamp came on. I instantly thought it was my gas cap so I removed and reinstalled it and took off again but I started cutting out and losing...