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  1. Advice on how to primer rear deflector?

    Hi, I'm wanting to primer the rear deflector from my 2004's currently peeling on the top (see pic). Do I need to: A) remove the paint from the entire deflector, or B) can I just sand the edges of the bare area to remove all loose paint and then primer both the bare and painted...
  2. Raptor Lining Project

    Raptor Lining Project

    Hey guys, I’ve had my 08 E for 7 years now and recently had to do some body work since it had been hit while it was parked a couple of times. I’ve been using the same collision repair shop for all my cars over the years so they let me use the shop for a little project. Originally, it was...
  3. Visual Direction of my Element

    So I've been doing some inexpensive things to make my E stand out visually. I don't want it on the level of pink window tint and 4 spoilers of standing out but just small additions. So far the things I have done include yellow tinted spot mirrors in the fog light holes (to look nice until I can...
  4. Interior Dash Paint?

    The silvery-grey paint on the dash trim (specifically around the shifter area and above the radio on the dash) is starting to flake off. Thinking about spraying them, does anyone know if a paint that is a good match? Thanks.
  5. Question: Custom Painted/Dyed Interior Panels

    So I want to paint my interior panels (doors, trim pieces, etc.) so it is more of my own and less stock. I also am not a fan of the beige. Has anyone tried this before? I searched, but didn't have much luck finding information on these forums.
  6. Paint job difference

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    I have caught the bug and have to buy an Element. All the models I have seen on the road have the black or Navy "trim" around the wheel well area exterior. I am looking at a 2008 EX on Auto Trader which does not have this trim. Is this normal - or might it indicate a wrecked and repainted...
  7. What Next? Need Ideas

    I definitely caught the DIY bug earlier this spring and did a number of modifications... At the beginning of the summer I picked up two more toys and I'm slightly ashamed to say it, but the Element went from about 2,500 miles a month to 50. As convertible weather begins to come to a close...
  8. Help finding paint to match plastic fenders

    I have an 04 EX and want to paint the front and back silver bumper garnishes the same color as the grey panels. I know the paint code is warm grey, NH647M. I do not have any professional painting equipment, so am looking for something in a spray can. I have searched online and all over the...
  9. Hood paint issue

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2006 ex-p. I'm noticing some spots on the hood that are little to quater sized spots where the paint seems to be cracking. Anybody else having this problem. Any opinions on what to do?
  10. Spray painting interior accents?

    Love the look of the bold colored accent pieces (, but i don't love the price tag. Would it be possible to remove and spraypaint these pieces, and if so, how? What kind of prep would the pieces need? Would the paint stay on...
  11. life's lessons with battery acid

    Trailers, Campers and Teardrops… oh my!
    So we went camping last week and took our pop-up trailer with us as we usually do. The day before we left, I hooked the trailer's deep-cycle battery up to the trickle charger to make sure we had enough juice in the trailer for 5 days away and at some point overnight, the battery boiled over...
  12. Painted top trim on EX

    I just got my e last Sunday, Its and 04 EX 4WD MT and I originally wanted an SC because I didn't like the panels, They are starting to grow on me though. I wanted to try however painting the roof cladding because I think it makes the roof line look lower and sleeker. I got the drivers side done...
  13. Hood Repaint

    Has anyone had to have their hood repainted? I bought my E used and it has a few botched touchups on the hood along with a spot where the clear is cracked? I was just wondering your experience as to how much it cost and how well a complete hood repaint will blend with the factory paint?
  14. Sticker removal.

    Wax on, Wax Off
    I just bought my Element, and it's an awesome vehicle. The only thing bothering me about the exterior is the dumb car dealer logo sticker on the back. I want to remove it, but I know a faded out or deteriorated paint spot would look even worse. So, I'm wondering what is best to use to get the...
  15. Painted my dash

    Hello everyone, i joined a while ago but never really posted anything. so here we go! I finally got around to painting my dash black, used krylon fusion, no sanding or priming, just cleaned with mineral spirits and spayed a few light layers, i think it turn out great! let me know what...
  16. Deep scratch at 389 miles

    Problems & Issues
    :cry: My daughter just scraped her Razor along the rear passenger door of my brand new E. :cry::cry: Less than 400 miles on it and it is scratched down to the primer. At least the little devil told the truth. It was an accident but now what? It is about 4" long and DEEP. Am I overreacting...
  17. NEW CAR: Factory Paint vs Repaint

    I recently bought a 2008 Silver Element EX. When I went to pick it up and was inspecting it (hadn't paid yet), I noticed a half dozen, mostly fine line, scratches scattered over the driver's side passenger door and fender. The sales manager offered to touch-up the scratches and take maybe...
  18. Paint codes

    What is the OEM paint code for Blue Eternal Pearl :?: