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  1. Dashboard Lights don't work when it's cold

    Problems & Issues
    I sometimes have a problem with the dashboard lights in my Element when it's cold outside. When I turn on the headlights, the dashboard remains dark but the needles on the speedometer and tachometer illuminate. After I drive for a long time, the dashboard lights will sometimes come back on. I...
  2. 2011 LX Interior quarter / seat belt replacements??

    Hey everybody, I just got a 2011 alabaster silver LX. Love the car. Thing is, the previous owner let a dog chew up the interior including the rear seatbelts. They also forgot where they put the back seats!! -but I got a set cheap. I am looking at trying to replace the two interior panels that...
  3. Dented Drivers Side Panel

    Problems & Issues
    My neighbor just backed into my Silver 2007 Element EX, denting and scratching the front drivers side wheel well panel. It's scratched right where the panel bumps out on the edge closest to the wheel in an area about 4 inches wide by four inches high. To fix this does the entire panel need to...
  4. Help what's this piece called?

    and where can I find a replacement?
  5. Plastic body panel torn off and pushed back in place--OK as is I think.

    Today I had my first ever car accident which was thankfully minor. A jeep just touched my Element, not leaving a scratch on it, but it pulled the passenger's side plastic front panel off like the tab on a soda can. This was literally plastic on plastic for both vehicles. I simply pushed it...
  6. Body Panel Clips for 06 Ellie

    I would like to know if anyone knows where to purchase replacement clips for Driver's side front body moulding panel. The panel itself is fine but only 1 clip is still okay.
  7. OEM Subwoofer Cover

    Mobile Electronics
    I recently purchased the oem subwoofer online. However it didn't include the grille. Do you know where i could find one? I was unable to locate it at Majestic. I have an 2005 LX, with black interior. This is like what I purchased...
  8. A/C Vents

    I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find replacement A/C Vents. My middle panel vent broke. I have been unable to find one is salvage yards locally. I searched the web and the Honda Parts Catalogue but cannot find the center vents. I don't need the entire panel, just the vents which...
  9. Some Cheap Interior Tools

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    We are recent (mid February) owners of a slightly used 2007 LX 4WD 5spd MANUAL in Blue. Hard to find 4WD and Manual...Finally, Very Happy.... Just completed first MOD (SideLights/Blinkers) MANY THANKS to & Sheniferous for making it...
  10. Door panel removal DIY. Warning! image heavy

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Door panel and lock removal DIY. Warning! image heavy This is done on my '05 with power windows and locks. I'm pretty sure they're all set up this way but the SC might be different. Remove the 2 screw covers and the speaker grille. Remove the 6 phillips screws. One under the...