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  1. Element seat covers

    Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    Hi to all the lovely people who have an Element.I bought my 03 in 03 , I had too put up with a lot of teasing, but I have the last laugh. I want to get 2 Element seat covers. They are really great as I have one. Love the Element name upholstering. I can’t find them..pls help Also not happy that...
  2. Wipe New as seen on tv

    Wax on, Wax Off
    I recently was given a bottle of "wipe new" the as seen on tv product to renew your plastic parts of your car to a "new" look. I tested it out on a small portion of the drivers side front panel so I could look at each time I got into my car. I did not notice much of a difference. Well, last...
  3. Black Again protectant

    Wax on, Wax Off
    I'm a 303 guy, I put that s#*t on just about everything inside and outside of my E! But after this winter she's looking pretty chalky and the 303 just wasn't bringing things back to life. I've also used Mothers Back to Black a lot on exterior panels with some success. I think i will always use...
  4. Panel Cleaning...My Method

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    After years of trial and error, I think I figure out how to fix my VERY stained panels (it was embarrassing). I use a two process method, after give the E a good bath i spray the panels with foaming tire cleaner, be sure to use a piece of cardboard to prevent overspray from getting on the paint...
  5. Good way to buff out scratches on Plastic Panels

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    Hello Is there a good way to buff out minor scratches from the plastic body panels? I have a black E with the black body panels. I hit a 3" diameter tree branch that ran the length of my E. I'm thinking of selling and want to make it presentable. Cheers!;-)
  6. Painted top trim on EX

    I just got my e last Sunday, Its and 04 EX 4WD MT and I originally wanted an SC because I didn't like the panels, They are starting to grow on me though. I wanted to try however painting the roof cladding because I think it makes the roof line look lower and sleeker. I got the drivers side done...
  7. Plastic body panels and clips

    Problems & Issues
    First of all, long time snooper on this site (I used you guys a lot when I bought my E in early 2004)- recent member, this is my first posting! This site rocks! So, WHOOPS, I messed up the right fender and my side sill garnish pieces. I need to replace them and want to buy from Majestic. The...