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  1. Flashing D and P0848 Issues (troubleshooting steps and a warning)

    Problems & Issues
    I had this pop up the other day (flashing D and a P0848 code), and found a number of posts that said simply to replace the sensor, which is the 3rd gear pressure sensor. Not a big deal, right? I ordered a cheap one off of Amazon; it's such a simple part that using a non-OEM should be fine...
  2. New E owner, minor under the hood problems

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Ok guys so i recently purchased my E 2006 2wd-lx!!! for 6000$ I took it to a certified Honda dealer/service center and they gave it a full inspection and told me everything i need to get parts wise and have to do to it, they estimated a total of 2255$ would cover everything, that din't get me so...
  3. 2011 LX Interior quarter / seat belt replacements??

    Hey everybody, I just got a 2011 alabaster silver LX. Love the car. Thing is, the previous owner let a dog chew up the interior including the rear seatbelts. They also forgot where they put the back seats!! -but I got a set cheap. I am looking at trying to replace the two interior panels that...
  4. Rear end collision DIY bumper replacement

    Problems & Issues
    I was recently rear ended and sustain minor damage to the grey part of the rear bumper, I did some research and it turns out it was part #71502-SCV-A00ZA, the estimate for repairs is 600 dollars, but I found a part online for 50 dollars. has anyone replaced this part before? and if so what other...
  5. Unfortunately, I had an issue ordering from Majestic Honda

    Problems & Issues
  6. Whole Rear Wiper Replacement

    Maintenance and Service
    I'm selling my Element (moving to the other side of the world), so I'm fixing up a few things. I had my bike mounted on the back of my Element and when my mom accidentally turned on the rear wiper, it got stuck on the bike and the motor ran for several hours. Now I need to replace the rear...
  7. 2007 sc wife wrecked it....please help!

    My wife rear ended someone in our 2007 element sc. im trying to find parts and am having trouble finding the front bumper cover. the only place i can find it is from the dealer. also, it looks like the front bumper cover doesnt include the lower section that houses the fog lights. does anyone...
  8. discount parts?

    H-and-A Accessories
    Hello! I've purchased from H&A many times over the years and have always loved the prices and the service...and the fact that we can now pick up items locally instead of shipping is just icing on the cake! Does H&A also sell Honda PARTS online or direct through the dealership, or is it for...
  9. Power Steering Pump Choices

    Maintenance and Service
    2004 with 129,000 miles and the p/s pump is getting tired.... autozone lists a Duralast for $87 advance auto lists a Fenco for $145 any experience with either and thoughts on such a wide price range would be greatly appreciated!! anyone else have a p/s pump issue? thx Elton '04 EX 4WD AT
  10. JDM Shift Panel

    Where do you all find those JDM parts? I'm looking for the shift panel that has the two holes in it... one for the Hazards and another for a cigarette lighter. Wanna do a mod for floor lights and thought that would be a great place to put the button.
  11. Lower tailgate interior protection flap

    Problems & Issues
    Greetings. I am not sure of the name of what I am looking to buy. When the bottom tailgate is open, there is a piece of plastic that flips back and forth to cover the gap between the bottom of the tailgate and the inside of the Element. I somehow dislodged this protective "flap" and cannot...
  12. junque yard?

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I need to replace my driver door. Don't ask. I'd just as soon find one from a wrecker. 06', silver. The GoogleHoo doesn't turn up plausible junkyards et al. Suggestions? Thanks!
  13. New E owner in Ottawa (tips?)

    Central Canada Owners
    Hey friends, This is my first post! Just bought a 2004 Element in Fiji Blue Pearl from a new-car Honda dealership... got a good deal as someone was turning it over to buy a new CR-V. I'm wondering if there are any good informational threads that I can read up on. Main things I'm wondering...
  14. Cost to replace side mirror?

    Some jerk must've been looking for parking and hit my driver's side mirror. The mirror itself is broke and there is a chunk taken out of the bottom of the housing and a large scrape across the bottom of it too. Gotta love street parking in the city. Anyhoo, anyone know the cost to replace a...
  15. Saying Hey from Auto Sports Unlimited

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hey all! I'm a newbie to the whole Element thing. Rather intrigued in them really. Such a cult following I was not aware of. The more i learn about them the cooler they are. Anyways I just figured id sign up talk to a few people meet some friends and hopefully get you guys some Element...