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  1. RHD VIN ?

    I would like to have the passenger side door lock/unlock handle and switch. I bought one from another EOC member (the Japanese part for the door lock on the passenger side.) But, we had some choppy communication and what I got is the dark charcoal color and my car has the lighter grey...
  2. Water Leak during rain resulting in water in passenger footwell

    Problems & Issues
    I have a water leak that is causing pooling of water in the passenger foot well, both on top of and underneath the flooring/padding. The issue happens when the vehicle is parked and is exposed to heavy rain. I have had the AC condenser line blown out and that wasn't the issue, so I am convinced...
  3. Another power window issue (please help)

    Hello all. 07 sc 78000 miles. ok when moving to pa I had an issue with the plastic cable driven passenger power window failing. with only an hour before I was to load it onto a trailer to move. So I dropped it off at the dealer to fix it in place since it was down. THey just disconected the...
  4. Oil?? leaking from under passenger side floor?

    Problems & Issues
    Ok. So, I just bought a used, certified 2006 Element with just under 45k on it. Great looking vehicle. I've had it a week. Tonight, I noticed something very scary, though. The floor is a little warped, especially on the passenger side, so I got over there and pushed on it. Much to my horror, I...
  5. Rear brake noise

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2006 Element. The rear brakes have always made an off and on noise when I apply the brakes. The noise happens when I apply the brakes. It is a soft scrapping noise. You can only hear it from inside the vehicle not outside. I just replaced the rear brakes and rotors at 37,500 miles...